Knocked Out Honeys
50 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

A manipulative girl-hunter deals Aiden Ashley and Evelin Rain a double dose of chloroform when the pretty pals become entangled in his scheme! First Aiden, then Evelin succumb to the evil chloro fumes before awakening to find themselves bound and tape-gagged! Rigorously ball-tied on the floor, Aiden struggles angrily but can only squeal in disbelief when she's carried off as Evelin writhes on the couch behind her!

When Breanne Benson confronts a crooked art-dealer, she's ambushed by his horny henchwoman, Kasey Chase, who expertly chloros hapless little Breanne! Once Kasey has the trussed-up captive at her mercy, she tapes Breanne's mouth, bares and fondles her breasts, and plays with the squirming girl's bound bare feet!

Decoyed to the front door of an apparently safe house, movie heroine Kobe Lee's swiftly falls into the villain's clutches, then into a chloro-induced faint! When she fights back into consciousness, Kobe's shockingly aware of her jeopardy as she lies hogtied on a coffee-table, naked except for her high heels! Her captor quickly silences the lithe brunette by stuffing her mouth, then taping it closed; before long, he removes Kobe's heels and chuckles as the barefoot captive struggles hopelessly!

Tall, wiry-strong and equipped with a chloro-soaked cloth, bad girl Charlie Royce was confident that she was more than a match for any feminine prey...until she encountered Loren Chance! Despite being surprised, Loren fought off Charlie's attack and turned the cloth against her, inexorably ushering the astonished criminal into dreamland! Using a few pieces of rope to bind Charlie's hands and feet and duct tape to silence her, Loren kept her dazed prisoner under control until the law arrived!

A photo shoot goes bad for sweet Sophie Nova when the sleazy shutterbug introduces her to chloroform after she refuses to follow his deviant directions! Once the cute redhead's under the influence, he strips Sophie and ropes her to the lounge chair in a cross-legged position designed to expose her snatch! A duct-tape gag muffles Sophie's unhappy protests when she comes to and strains against her humiliating bondage!

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