Sexy Chloroformed Targets
47 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

When hot model Jenaveve Jolie saw what daring photographer Nikki Nefarious had planned for their shoot, she was shocked! But when Jenaveve tried to walk out, a few whiffs of chloroform helped Nikki turn the exotic beauty into an ingeniously bound, colorfully cleave gagged and angrily wriggling subject for her art!

It's a rough life when you have to please two beautiful, mutually hostile girlfriends, but when matters get too complicated, chloroform provides the ideal solution! First Hunter Carlson, then Linda Connors succumb to our hero's chloro cloth before struggling side by side bound and tape gagged!

If Sammie Rhodes had known two simple facts about Melissa Jacobs (she's extremely possessive and keeps an ample supply of chloroform handy), she probably wouldn't have flirted with Melissa's boyfriend! When Sammie awoke balltied and ballgagged, her breasts exposed to Melissa's toying fingers, she quickly learned the magnitude of her mistake!/P>

As Natalie Mason writhed angrily against her bonds and squealed through the duct tape covering her mouth, the helpless girl bitterly regretted the impulsive behavior that led her to confront a con artist! While Natalie held him at gunpoint, she never heard henchwoman Natasha Warner sneaking up behind her with a chloro cloth!

Kellie Krave's double chloro jeopardy made it easy for Nikki Nefarious to deceive Kellie, then rob her after balltying and tape gagging her unconscious captive!

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