Helpless Chloro Prisoners
46 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

Jada Sky procures chloroform to use against a gang rival, but when the plot unfolds, it's Jada who's chloro'd, tied up and tape gagged!

After suffering through a nightmare in which a hooded ghoul chloroforms, strips, hogties and tape gags her, April O'Neil swears that she'll never watch another late night horror flick!

A ruthless man uses chloroform to pry secrets from stubborn Laurie Vargas, who's then left naked, ball gagged and hogtied!

Stunned by the theft of their antique clock, Martina Warren and Jana Jordan struggle hogtied and tape gagged after an encounter of the chloro kind with clever thief Claire Adams!

Sexy little Johanna Dillon writhes bare breasted, bound and tape gagged on the floor after a burglar seizes and chloroforms her as she returns home!

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