Surrender To Chloroform
50 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

Seized and bound when she sneaks into an old house, Tanner Mays is helpless against the chloro cloth of a villain who adds a cleave gag to her bondage!

Angela Ryan tries to be a good friend when she allows devious Malloy Martini to move in with her, but Malloy repays her generosity by chloroforming, tape gagging and hogtying Angela!

It's nothing but fun and games for Sue Diamond when she chloros, ties, tape gags and fondles a stunned Shannon Silva, but the former captive has the last laugh when her boyfriend turns the chloroform on Sue and leaves her bound, cleave gagged and naked for Shannon to play with!

When sexy little manipulator Malloy Martini's aged boyfriend learns that she's been playing around behind his back, he turns to chloro for vengeance, then chuckles as Malloy rolls around barebreasted, frogtied and tape gagged!

First Kayden Kross, then Ginger Lee surrender their consciousness to the power of chloroform, only to awake as trussed up and tape gagged captives in the back seat of their abductor's car!

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