Chloro'd Girls Wake Up In Bondage
48 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

Karlie Montana endures a chloroform nightmare when a guerilla girl invades her bedroom, binds Karlie to the bedframe, stuffs cloth in her mouth, then woman handles her breasts!

A suspicious sound brings nighty clad Johanna Dillon downstairs, where she swoons under the chloro cloth of sneak thief Summer Gentry, then struggles on the floor, bare breasted, bound and cleave gagged!

Once a sinister figure intimidates Holly Manning into signing a dubious document, he puts her under with a generous dose of chloro, then ties poor Holly to a chair and cleave gags her!

When Gia Mancini's chloroform powered plot backfires, the sexy schemer writhes in tight bondage while indignantly squealing through her tape gag!

Gang moll Melissa Jacobs surprises and chloros gutsy investigator Nikki Nova, who squirms angrily on the bed as Melissa's frog tied, cleave gagged plaything!

After her shocking encounter with a chloroform wielding thug, innocent office worker Kiara Diane spends several hours struggling on the floor as a trussed up and tape gagged captive!

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