Criminals Choose Chloroform To Create Captives
47 Minutes - $30 DVD or Digital Download

Ami Emerson congratulates herself for bringing chloro along when Laura Lee refuses to make a deal with her; cleave gagged and trussed up on the floor, Laura expresses a different opinion with her angry eyes and noisy struggles!

Sexy adventuress Holly Sampson chloros spunky little Tanner Mays after she finds Holly rifling a safe, then fondles her bound and tape gagged captive's perky breasts! But when Holly gets careless, chloroform becomes her nemesis and Tanner relishes payback as she plays with the tied and tape gagged blonde's beautiful boobs!

Her eyes riveted by a sight she shouldn't have seen, Natalie Mason doesn't notice Layla Hoffman's chloro soaked cloth until its too late to avoid becoming Layla's rope restrained and tape gagged prisoner!

A crooked medico's chloroform prescription turns tape gagged beauty Sue Diamond and ball gagged and buxom London Andrews into tightly bound hostages!

Righteous revenge or outrageous overreaction? When Carmel Moore discovers that sexy Jessica Lauren stole her acting job, Carmel chloroforms, strips, ties, cleave gags and fondles her hapless roommate!

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