Chloro Bondage Casebook
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

The varieties of chloro bondage experience are boundless!

Lena Shelby's bad day just keeps getting worse: already tied up and carried off, she's then chloro'd by her abductor, who remorselessly adds to her bondage!

Chloroform tops nicotine when Jana Cova gets tough with chain-smoking house-mate Samantha Ryan by roping her up in the backyard!

All Edanya wanted was a massage, but horny masseuse Sophia Santi has that special chemical ready to prepare her client for a more personal approach!

Sasha Heart mouths off to Roxy DeVille; Roxy counters with a chloro-soaked rag; Sasha struggles naked, bound and gagged; Roxy takes advantage!

When editor Molly Mathews accuses Carly Banks of plagiarizing her latest book, Carly unveils a chloro-driven plot twist that Molly never saw coming!

Ambitious little paparazza Sophia Taylor's latest coup turns nightmarish when Andie Valentino surprises her with chloroform and the humiliation of nude bondage!

What a terrible experience for Heather Summers: chloro'd by an angry boyfriend, then stripped naked and hogtied! But will Heather have the last word?


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