Thrilling Tales Of Chloro Bondage!
60 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

After a big score, con-girl Andie Valentino decides to ditch partner Melissa Jacobs! A few whiffs of chloro sends Melissa to dreamland; when she awakes, the poor girl's shocked to find herself naked, trussed up and ball-gagged! Angry but helpless, Melissa struggles and squeals while Andie mocks and fondles her, then walks off with the dough! But Andie only has a short time to enjoy her ill-gotten loot before Melissa tracks her down and shows her how uncomfortable chloroform payback can be!

When match-maker Sandy Summers fails to deliver on her promises, a frustrated client use chloro and rope to get the refund she refused to give him! Starlet Kina Kai's envies busty room-mate Marlie Moore so much that she puts her under, then strips and binds the KO'd girl before heading off to an audition in her place! A restful spa afternoon turns nightmarish for Karlie Montana after a spy bribes the staff and chloros her! After he conducts a quick and successful interrogation, he leaves poor Karlie hogtied and ball-gagged!

You'd never guess how vindictive Jana Jordan can be just by looking at the fresh-faced blonde! But once she's chased down and chloroformed rival Georgia Jones, Jana wickedly torments her helpless nude captive, paying special attention to a nasty crotch-rope! Turnabout's fair play for Cassia Riley and Renee Perez! After naive Renee welcomes escaped convict Cassia into her apartment, the scheming villainess repays her hospitality with a chloro facial! Once she has Renee at her mercy, Cassia whiles away the hours playing with her bare-breasted, bound and gagged toy! But Renee shows her mean streak by chloro'ing and burglarizingher rival on a night when Cassia merely wanted to stay home and relax. When Cassia finally awakes from her involuntary nap, she writhes indignantly in topless bondage while Renee cleans her out!


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