Active Women In Chloroform Danger!
47 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Even the most energetic, A-type women find they can't stop the power of chloroform. First there's feisty college cheerleader Sue Diamond. When she refuses the advances of her coach, he choloroforms her, ties her up and places her in a crate ready for shipment overseas. Pretty newcomer Vanessa Figueroa is the straight-laced, straight-A student and sister of party-animal Jennifer Lee. When she says no to a party at their house, Jennifer knows just how to get Vanessa out of the way. Top investigative reporter Zoe Lasalle gets chloroformed, bound and gagged when she tries to do a story on the reclusive Mistress Edanya. Neighbor of an obsessive man, Demi Morgan goes to his house to pick up a package, but ends up injected with a knockout drug, bound and stripped. High-powered real estate executive Cynthia Scott thinks the new house on the market is empty. She's wrong and pays for her mistake by being chloroformed, stripped and tied up.

Beautiful actress Christina Kazan is starring in a movie in which she is going to be chloroformed. She thinks it is all fake movie magic when in reality the director really intends to chloroform her and bind her - all for the sake of his art. Finally, Paris Andre is chloroformed by a burglar, but after she is out, he has no intention of tying her up. He'd rather maneuver her body into different positions as she lay unconscious.


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