Chloroformed Without Clothes!
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Seven beautiful girls begin their day fully clothed, but thanks to a little chloroform they find themselves missing some or all of their clothes, unconscious and finally tied up and gagged. First up is Crystal Klein. She is interviewing for a job as a nanny. When her perspective employer asks her if she can handle rowdy young boys without losing her cool she tells him of the time she was working for another family. Those boys slipped a drug in her drink as a joke. Once she was unconscious, they tied her up naked!

Madison Moore has her own unusual story. Waking from a nap, she goes to get a DVD to watch, never seeing the intruder behind her. Once the intruder has her under his power thanks to his chloroform, she is carried away and tied up. Jenaveve Jolie is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Hired to strip for a mild-mannered guy at his house, their session is interrupted when the man's priest comes a knocking for some bible reading. Since it would be scandalous to be caught with a stripper, the man chloroforms Jenaveve, binds her and tapes her mouth. Only when the preacher leaves will the man will be able to let her go.

Jana Cova is a world famous super-model. The photographer who hires her figures that he'd make a lot more money by shooting nude shots of her and selling them on the web. He has his equally dubious assistant Jelena Jensen chloroform her. Once Jana is bound up tight, the photographer decides that he'd make even more money if he had two beautiful women naked and bound. So, he knocks out Jelena and takes pictures of both the tied up beauties.

Finally, there is the case of Super-Heroine Power Girl. Duped by a master-criminal, she is chloroformed, her mask is taken off and she is secured and silenced with miles of tape. No one ever said being a super-heroine was an easy job.  


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