Beautiful Chloroformed Girls!
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Beautiful Chloroformed Girls features eight gorgeous ladies chloroformed, and most of the time bound and gagged soon afterwards. First up are sisters Tiffany Thomas and Yvonne Thomas who meet up with an assassin as they try to serve up a meal for El Presidente of a foreign nation. The evil assassin first makes Yvonne chloroform her sister and then after she is passed out, he chloroforms her! When they awake they are both bound and gagged! Next comes an elaborate story in which pretty Asian Reina is chloroformed by MacKenzie in a singles scam. MacKenzie is next in line as her partner chloros her and ties up both girls while he makes off with the loot.

Super sexy Gia is always bragging about something so her friends Chantel and Gwen decide to quiet her down by chloroforming her and then trussing her up! Jordan Mallory is spreading the word door to door when she comes upon the home of a very paranoid man. Certain that she is spying for the government he chloroforms her, ties her up and gags her until he can get some answers.

Rounding out this title is Lacey Clark chloroformed, bound topless and tape gagged and the ever lovely Laurie Wallace chloroformed and carried through the house (no bondage in this scene).

If beautiful women knocked out is your cup of tea, you will no doubt thoroughly enjoy Beautiful Chloroformed Women.

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