Knocked Out Blondes!
49 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Sexy Ashley Manning is taking a rest in the sun after a hard's day work when her creepy neighbor sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When she awakes, she is bound and gagged and the nut is taking pictures of her!

Gorgeous Laurie Wallace is a tour guide who gets abducted by one of the guys on the tour. She is chloroformed and her hands are bound behind her. Next she is gagged and dragged inside a house by a lasso around her waist. Once in the bedroom, she is stripped to her bra and panties and tied spread eagle!

Gwen is a pretty and sophisticated psychologist who is treating a very troubled patient. The patient turns on the good doctor and shoots her in the neck with a blow dart containing a sleeping drug. The psychologist is knocked out and completely vulnerable to her deranged client. When the doctor awakes, she finds herself tightly bound to a chair with some very sticky tape covering her mouth. Now she's at the mercy of her patient - how will she ever get out of this?

Ingenue Ginger plans on scamming her nerdy suitor. She tries to drug his drink but discovers too late that he isn't quite a stupid as she thinks. In fact, he has drugged her drink! Once he has her unconscious, he binds her and gags her.

Two final scenes include Maria being chloroformed and bound by a jealous MacKenzie. And in this video's only sequence without bondage, a pretty starlet is chloroformed by a fan when she refuses his advances.


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