Thrilling Stories of Chloroformed Girls In Danger!
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Molly Matthews starts things off as an uncaring nurse who pushes the friend of a deceased patient too far. He grabs the nurse as she goes on her break and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When she awakes she is bound and gagged and forced to listen to a rough lecture on her bedside manner.

Demi portrays a cheerleader who discovers that the guy who invited her over has more on his mind than just listening to her routine. She is chloroformed and bound - completely helpless in her uniform and later with her perfect bare breasts exposed!

Barbi and Fantasia are chloroformed and kidnapped. The abductor doesn't think of binding the girl's ankles so after he departs they break out of the room they are being held and wander around outside trying to find someone who will free them.

Ginger is, as usual, giving her wimpy husband a piece of her mind. This time he retaliates however and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When she awakes, she is completely naked, bound and tape gagged on their bed. Struggling ferociously to get loose, her man realizes this is better than any marriage counselor.

Eve is extremely wealthy and very bored. A devious bartender and an underpaid hostess hatch a plan to chloroform her, take her to their hideout, tie her up and make off with her loot. As you will see, the plan works to perfection.


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