Chloroformed And Carried Away!
49 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

This video celebrates the beauty of a helpless, vulnerable lady, choloformed, carried and bound. In the six scenarios included on this title, four of them include carrying.

First, Suzette Spenser is a snoopy reporter who is caught investigating a drug ring. She is chloroformed, carried into a back room, stripped naked, bound up and gagged.

Devin plays a geisha girl who has won the heart of a wealthy man. The man's soon to be ex-wife is enraged with jealousy so she chloroforms the petite geisha, carries her into a bedroom and ties her up. Will the geisha be rescued before Chantel can do horrible things to her?

Gavin is a burglar who has to subdue a pretty girl before he can split with the take. He chloros her and carries her to a bedroom where he ties her and gags her.

Eve is the maid to a wealthy and famous radio marriage counselor. When the good doctor keeps pestering Eve to break up with her bad-boy boyfriend, the boyfriend gets his revenge. He chloroforms the doctor into unconsciousness. Then he carries her to another room where she is trussed up. At first Eve is mortified that he would do that to her boss, but she soon warms up when he explains that they can take everything she has and head off to Mexico where they can live happily ever after.

Two other non-carry scenes round out this tape. MacKenzie is a talented musician who is knocked out by chloroform and tied up by a ruthless, washed up music producer. Yvonne is chloroformed and kidnapped by a jealous woman after Yvonne gets the attention of famous actor Tyler Banes. Will Tyler come up with the ransom money and free his new girlfriend?


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