Chloroformed And Bound!
43 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Beautiful blonde Hannah is grabbed and chloroformed by tough brunette Shamron who leaves the conservative beauty bound and gagged.

Chantel is a secret agent working for "The Company". Her job is to kidnap Cindy O'Hara. She does a great job chloroforming and binding her. Naive Chantel doesn't realize that a double cross is in order until she get injected with a sleeping drug and bound up herself!

Candice is a rich society woman who is looking for a house. Her criminal real estate agent realizes that Candice's value as a kidnap victim will allow her to retire for life. So, she chloroforms the rich blonde and leaves her bound and gagged in a storage room until the ransom is paid.

Fantasia is chloroformed and bound in the nude by Christy and to further humiliate her takes pictures to show everyone. Soon the tables are turned however as Fantasia gets loose from her bonds and takes revenge! She chloros Christy, ties her up and makes her smell her bare feet.

We started this feature with Hannah being chloroed and bound by Shamron. Well now the tables have turned. Hannah gets the upper hand on Shamron and after chloroforming her, she leaves the sexy brunette hogtied and gagged!


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