Chloroformed Cuties
43 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

Sexy blonde Cindy O'Hara is a victim of the "Chloro-napper"! First he chloroforms her and then he binds and gags her tightly to a post. Can she escape his treachery?

Noelle is a A-List actress who is kidnapped from her vacation home. First she is chloroformed by Hannah and then bound and tape gagged! Soon she will be taken away and held for ransom.

Aubry Taylor and Erica Campbell are spending a quiet evening at home when a desperate criminal breaks in. He orders them to chloroform each other!

Speaking of quiet nights at home, Kelli Marie and Jana Cova experience their own break in. Both at chloroformed, stripped naked and bound and gagged side-by-side!

Devin is accused by being too uptight. Her "friends" Rachel and Tiffany pull a prank on her by first chloroforming her and then tieing her up nice and tight. They agree that if Devin doesn't want to go out and have some fun, she can stay at home all tied up.


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