Chloroformed And Captured
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

The second Chloroformed Girls video features beautiful ladies being overpowered by vile and angry men determined to get what they want!

First, three beauty pageant contestents (Trixie Lovett, Barbi Bently and Fantasia Ferrar) are chloroformed, bound and gagged by a guy who wants to make sure his girlfriend wins the prestegious contest.

Gorgeous Justine Sands is a tough businesswoman who decided to fire the wrong guy. He comes back, chloros the beautiful brunette, stuffs he mouth with cloth, binds her and rips off her top!

Breanna is home alone - perfect for a madman set on subduing his victim with chloroform and binding her.

Aubry Taylor is chlorofrormed and tied in stockings by a man who's just doing his job as a professional problem solver.

Finally, Heather Stewart and Shay Ruskin thought they could get a good laugh by humiliating some poor, pathetic bastard. Little did they know that he has quite a temper! Enough of one to chloro the two beauties and bind and gag them face to face so they can look at each other humiliation!

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