Chloroformed Girls
45 Minutes - $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

The first Chloroformed Girls video features six sexy damsels knocked out and bound! Sadie Atkins and Jana Cova take turns chloroforming, binding and gagging one another.

Pretty Dutch damsel Demi is grabbed from behind, knocked out with chloroform, bound (while wearing stockings) and ballgagged.

Gorgeous Ann Marie thinks she has Trista exactly where she wants her. Man, is she wrong. She is knocked unconscious with chloroform and bound and gagged while totally nude!

The final scene may be the best on the entire video. Sexy and naked Orchid is captured and chloroformed. Once she is knocked out, she is bound and gagged (a lot of on-screen tying and gagging here!). When her friend Brandy comes home she finds her friend hogtied on the floor. Soon she realizes she is next as she is chloroformed and tied up completely on-screen while completely naked! The two girls are left to struggle hogtied in the buff!

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