Please read these instructions on how to download to your computer before you purchase. It will save you many headaches if you know what you are doing before you try anything.

IF YOUR DOWNLOAD FAILS - you can download what you ordered again by going here.

Instructions For Downloading

Choose the video or clip you want from the Chloro Store.

After purchasing it, download it to your computer and save it on your desktop. It will show up as a zip file. Unzip it. There are a number of Zip programs out there. We recommend Ken's Zipper. It is free, but he asks for a $5 donation. You are not obligated to pay it, but if you can, you should. Remember companies like Microsoft charge $30 to $50 for their Zip programs. Support independents like Ken or end up letting huge companies run him out of business and force you to pay a lot more for the same products.

Double click on the clip icon now on your desktop. These clips will work best if you have  ITUNES. We highly recommend that you download it.  You can get Itunes here.

IMPORTANT: These clips will not play on Real Media or Windows Media Player. You must use Quicktime. ITunes offers the most recent version of Quicktime. That's why you should download it. If your computer is so old that you do not have the ability to download Itunes, DO NOT order these clips. They will not play. Finally, you should have at least one GIG of memory in your computer for the clips to play smoothly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.